[FRR announce] 6.0 release

Donald Sharp sharpd at cumulusnetworks.com
Thu Oct 18 09:30:34 EDT 2018

All -

We have released 6.0 of FRROUTING:

Changes of 6.0 over 5.0:

Staticd: New daemon responsible for management of static routes
ISISd: Implement dst-src routing as per draft-ietf-isis-ipv6-dst-src-routing
BFDd: new daemon for BFD (Bidrectional Forwarding Detection). Responsible
for notifying link changes to make routing protocols converge faster.
Ubuntu 12.04 is no longer supported (FRR 5.x is last supported version for it)
various bug fixes

The release images can be found here, with additional documentation:


I'd like to thank everyone involved in the effort over the last 4
months in getting this released.



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