[frr] [PATCH v2 0/10] BGP VRF Route Distinguisher configuration

Philippe Guibert philippe.guibert at 6wind.com
Wed Dec 21 12:32:31 EST 2016

This series of patches introduces the ability for a BGP router,
to configure a route distinguisher and associate import and
export route targets.
This permits for a BGP update to be sent with BGP extended communities
associated to the exported route targets of the RD.
This permits for a BGP update to be received, and to be handled according
to the imported route targets of the RD contained in BGP extended communities.
This patch is rebased with latest from master branch. It also relies on RD/RT
discussions. It implements partial option 6, that is to say introduction of vrf
subnode under bgp router node, and subsequent rt/rd vty commands.
The testing on this patch shows the ability of route processing bgp updates with
associated extended communities ( according to RT export values). Route server
configuration with vpnv4 has also been showed to work.
The second version of this patch is adding some documentation. It also fixes an
issue related to initialisation of bgp vrf context.



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