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Wed Dec 6 03:44:37 EST 2017

Hello Russ,

Just a point to clarify the new Linux foundation networking fund. Fees are not coming from project but from members. Members who wish join this new fund must pay fees to become a Linux Foundation member (Orange, 6Wind and Cumulus are already silver members). The amount of fees depends of the level (Platinum, Gold and Silver). Once done, to become part of this new fund you must pay an additional fees to this new fund. Again, amount of fees depends of the level (Platinum, Gold, Silver). So, in any case projects have to pay something, or I miss understanding the process.

What it is unclear, is the way the new board of the Linux Foundation Networking fund will allocate funding to projects under this umbrella.

And least, but not last, we will become a shark in the big pond and agree to protect the small fish ;-)



Le 05/12/2017 à 15:10, Russ White a écrit :
>> 		What I could say, is that Orange is officially a Platinum member
>> of ONAP and completely support this new initiative from the Linux Foundation.
>> For us, it is also natural that __all__ Networking projects within the Linux
>> Foundation will join this new umbrella which, of course, concern FRR despite
>> that it is a small project compared to ODL, ONAP and others.
> Since I cannot attend the meeting today, I want to ask some questions that might be helpful here. In "joining this initiative," I assume this means any funding FRR receives would go completely to the Linux Foundation, and the LF would, in turn, determine how much funding to apportion to each project under this "umbrella" for future operations. The level of funding would, presumably, be tied to the "importance" of the project from the perspective of the LF.
> If this is all correct, then I would argue FRR should _not_ join this "umbrella," as it would ultimately pull funding from FRR into other projects, essentially ending the community effort here. Even if what I've described above is only potential, rather than "actual right now," the reality is that the Linux Foundation has "other fish to fry" than making certain FRR is a successful project. The problem with being a small fish in a big pond is the big fish get all the attention, and hence all the money.
> At this point, unless someone can explain how the Linux Foundation will put a legal structure in place to ensure FRR receives any funds earmarked specifically for the project, so funds will not be "redirected" into some other project that is deemed "more important," I would say FRR should not join this "umbrella."
> 😊
> Russ 


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