[frr] [quagga-dev 16497] Re: Security list changes (Transparency?)

Martin Winter mwinter at opensourcerouting.org
Wed Jan 11 22:50:33 EST 2017


I assume so. But I would like the rest of the community to realize that just working on another project may make him kick people out.

Don't want him to silently get away with it...


On January 11, 2017 9:24:17 PM GMT+07:00, Olivier Dugeon <olivier.dugeon at orange.com> wrote:
>Hello Martin,
>I'm pretty sure that Paul is now aware of our FRR initiative and
>decided to remove all FRR contributors to Quagga list.
>Just look at Quagga on savannah. Now, there is only 2 admins: Paul and
>Greg. If I remember right there is more admin, at least Donald.
>Le 11/01/2017 à 14:47, Martin Winter a écrit :
>> On 11 Jan 2017, at 16:24, Paul Jakma wrote:
>>> Hi Martin,
>>> I removed you.
>>> I'd be glad to talk further on transparency with you.
>> I think it would be beneficial for everyone to have a open discussion
>on who should be on the list
>> or not.
>> I don’t like to have this discussion in privacy - this isn’t about
>me. Maybe I did something stupid
>> or you (or community?) decided on new rules for who should be on it.
>I think it would be beneficial
>> to everyone to have make it public on who is on the list and probably
>why they are on the list (so
>> it makes somehow the selection more transparent.
>> BTW: It seems it was some larger “cleanup” as more people got removed
>as well. Not just me.
>> So please, can you share your thoughts publicly?
>> Regards,
>> - Martin
>>> On Wed, 11 Jan 2017, Martin Winter wrote:
>>>> For the ones here who are unaware:
>>>> There is a security list (security at quagga.net) which deals with
>security issues reported to Quagga: Assessing them, fixing them,
>provide the much needed disclosures etc. This is a closed list which
>had mostly “maintainers” and a few other selected individuals on it.
>>>> As part of our testing, I used to be on this list as well - until
>yesterday when I was taken off without explanation.
>>>> Not blaming anyone, but I was surprised on it - and wanted to get a
>public discussion on who is on the list and that I might no longer be
>able to test security fixes in private as part of this.
>>>> So who is still on the list? Or did the list get deleted? Or what
>>>> Regards,
>>>> - Martin Winter
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