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Olivier Dugeon olivier.dugeon at orange.com
Wed Jan 18 03:08:07 EST 2017

Hi Donald,

A couple of comments.



Le 17/01/2017 à 19:29, Donald Sharp a écrit :
> 1) Status - We believe we are really close to rc1 status.  Need a
> couple of bug fixes now.  We've updated the issues page if you are
> interested.
> 2) RD/RT cli discussion.
>    Discussion around the RD/RT document
> https://docs.google.com/document/d/1w_ie2tNXCgn0N3ZNFGYTK6lJkwMmk_XN5yz33MMNNqM/edit#
> Top of the document has the cli we have started converging on, please
> review and discuss further if you have questions.
Concerning the last part of the discussion about CLI. I would add one more things to the way CLI could evolve.

Suppose we are at release N. For next major release N+1, we decided to change/modify/delete some OLD CLI and introduce a NEW one. A smooth way to evolve could be to deprecated the OLD CLI while introducing the NEW LCI. this way, the code continue to support the OLD CLI, but with a Warning saying that this command will be deprecated in next release, to let users time to adapt their configuration. Then, in release N+2, the OLD CLI is removed.

I agree that this introduce more code (need to support both OLD and NEW CLI) that in some case will be not possible, but could be safer for users. If accepted, the rule is to tag OLD CLI code with a special //DEPRECATED comment to know that this will be remove in future release.
> 3-6) We ran out of time.
Hope next meeting we have time to discuss the Pull request process.
Can you put it on top of the agenda for next meeting as this is the second time we ran out of time ?
> Daniil Baturin joined us from VyOS to discuss our fork and where we
> plan to go.  We hope to see more from him in the future!
> thanks!
> donald
> On Tue, Jan 17, 2017 at 7:35 AM, Donald Sharp
> <sharpd at cumulusnetworks.com> wrote:
>> 11 am EST ( 4pm UTC ) -  If you would like an invite please unicast me.
>> Agenda:
>> 1) Last Week status
>> 2) RD/RT - cli finish
>> 3) Olivier's Proposal for Pull Requests
>> 4) Functional changes needed for VRF
>> 5) Formating changes
>> 6) If you have something you want to add to the agenda, let me know!
>> Thanks!
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