[frr] [PATCH 01/11] bgpd: BGP VRF processing handling

Philippe Guibert philippe.guibert at 6wind.com
Tue Jan 24 11:19:31 EST 2017

On Thu, Jan 5, 2017 at 3:59 PM, Lou Berger <lberger at labn.net> wrote:

Hello Lou, all,

> I suspect that the VRF portion of this patch provides a subset of the
> functions already in the VNC code with the addition of vty/cli support.

I briefly listed you on chat ( a few weeks ago) the main functionalities
that the VRF portion does.
In this patch, the VRF portion does the following:
- VRF processing application to VPNv4 messages ( import to VRF)
- ability to enable Multipath, and configure the appropriate number of paths
- ability to handle ECMP entries coming from different BGP speakers
- each new modification in VRF RIB is linked to an informational message (

Next to this, some code needs to be rebased with frr, related to VPNv6, and
EVPN ( including EVPN IPv6 and IPv4).
- VRF import processing application to EVPN route type 5 and EVPN route
type 2 messages
- VRF import processing application to VPNv6 and EVPN IPv6 messages
- ability to perform VRF processing with route target
- ability to configure VRF per layer. meaning define a layer 2 VRF or a
layer 3 VRF
- ability to handle EVPN entries coming from different BGP speakers
- ability to filter specific L2 or L3 data from EVPN RT2 messages in
appropriate VRF.
- ability to carry special ext. communities params ( router mac and encaps

> Our plan was to add the vty functions for the VNC code once they were
> agreed to by the community (background in the link provided by
> Philippe).  It sounds to me that we should resume this discussion as
> well as discuss this patch in an upcoming technical meeting.
>From our exchange, I understand that the VNC feature implements the VRF
portion of this patch.
The VNC also implements the NVO3 style forwarder. You are better placed
than me to talk about the VNC feature.

I don't know if there are plans for supporting the next features I mention
( EVPN, VPNv6) and when ?.

Also, if VNC is interesting to use, I would like to have some figures in
terms of footprint or performances. What about the following usage:
10 VRFs, 1000000 prefixes, and 8 peers configured.

Best Regards,

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