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Olivier Dugeon olivier.dugeon at orange.com
Tue Jan 31 08:59:57 EST 2017

Hi Donald,

Hi forgot last week to discuss one point. So, I prefer add it before forget it again.

It concerns the management of mpls label space.

Up to know, we have LDP and BGP that deal with MPLS labels. I'm preparing Segment Routing for OSPF, and for IS-IS. In Segment Routing, you must specify at least one (but possibly many) Segment Routing Global Block (SRGB) that reserved a block of labels. Once done, Segment Routing allocates an MPLS label in the SRGB for each router in the OSPF domain and a lable per interface outside the SRGB. The issue is that we must be sure that a) the SRGBs are reserved for Segment Routing and not used by an other routing protoco, b) that standard label allocation by the different routing protocol are not overlapping SRGB and  c) that label allocation is unique i.e. a label is not used by more than one routing protocol. I already discuss this point with Renato last summer and re-activate this issue after a call with peoples interested by Segment Routing that Lou introduce for me.

So that, I would discuss the best way to manage MPLS labels spaces to avoid overlapping of label. I think about 3 scenarios:

1/ By means of configuration. Simple, but report the issue to the user

2/ At the zebra layer. More dynamic, but need to add extra message and code to zebra API

3/ At Linux Kernel. Not sure it is the right place.



Le 31/01/2017 à 14:30, Donald Sharp a écrit :
> If you need a meeting invite let me know please!
> 1) Status of RC-2
> 2) Status of Pull Requests
> Anything else that people want to discuss?
> donald
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