[dev] NOTICE: Planned style conversion Monday, Jul 17

Quentin Young qlyoung at cumulusnetworks.com
Fri Jul 14 17:52:59 EDT 2017

Hi folks,

In a technical meeting many weeks ago we decided to restyle the codebase to
Linux kernel style with the intent of easing maintenance burdens,
increasing readability and having a common standard across all FRR
components. With our pull request backlog presently at a minimum, the plan
is to bite the bullet and convert FRR's master branch to Linux kernel style
on Monday, July 17.

The tooling for this task will be a Python wrapper for the clang-format
<https://clang.llvm.org/docs/ClangFormat.html> source code formatter. The
script and configuration file for clang-format will be checked in over the
coming days prior to conversion.

This patch will not be submitted in a pull request. This will be a direct
push to master. All stable branches will remain as-is. Code submissions
against those branches -- which should by now be limited to bug fixes --
should continue to follow the style guide present in those branches.

Going forward we will require all patch submissions against master to
conform to Linux kernel style, with some exceptions (DEFUNS primarily) that
will be documented prior to conversion and which the Python script knows
about. Recommended procedure will be to run the indent script over new code
prior to submission. David has offered to write a helper script to ease
merges / rebases for currently open pull requests and local branches.

Please familiarize yourself with the kernel style guide located here:


It will also be useful to have passing familiarity with clang-format:


The first page contains instructions on how to integrate it with Vim and
Emacs should you wish to do so. The tools are located in the LLVM clang
repository, which you can clone by following the instructions here:


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