[dev] Missing developer documentation

Olivier Dugeon olivier.dugeon at orange.com
Tue Jul 25 09:35:01 EDT 2017


There is missing developer documentation in FRR. In PR #805 I try to update an old Zebra hacking document, but that seems too old to be publish, so I prefer to remove it as suggested during the PR review.

For me, the main problem is how to start writing a such documentation ?

First, it is too huge and to complicated to be written by only one person.

Second, we need a dedicated space (e.g. a new doc project inside FRRouting) to collectively write such documentation and then push into frr master documents when they are ready.

Finally, we need to organize themselves in order to collectively decided how to write them, to formalize the document through a common template, to harmonize the documentation...

I would start by proposing:
  * start discussion about this new topic (create a new issue in github) during regular meeting
  * decide the document format (Markdown, in line github Wiki, LaTeX, TeXi ...)
  * create a new doc project within FRRouting
  * propose template
  * propose Table of Content for each document (perhaps partially common)
  * open contribution to the different documents

Comments are welcome.



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