[frr] Todays Technical Meeting 11 am EDT

Martin Winter mwinter at opensourcerouting.org
Tue Mar 21 11:59:23 EDT 2017


On 21 Mar 2017, at 8:01, Olivier Dugeon wrote:

> Hi Donald,
> I contact my communication department to get the authorization to 
> mention Orange in the list of FRR contributor for the official 
> announcement, but got plenty of questions in turn :-(
> So, I just would discuss and get some precision about the relation 
> between FRR and the Linux Foundation. In particular, one of my 
> colleague ask me if there will be some fees and/or charges to pay to 
> the Linux Foundation, and thus if FRR members need to pay something. 
> For me no, but, well, I just would get a confirmation and precise term 
> of the collaboration to push my request.

Linux Foundation: This is a new “service” offering by the Linux 
Foundation, called “Collaborative Projects” which
is different to classic (and probably all existing) Linux Foundation 
projects. We actually might be the first
such project (not sure there, but it’s new as of January). We wanted 
to avoid having essential resources (domain name,
trademarks etc) be owned by a single entity and the Linux Foundation is 
working as a trustee. So in case of some
dispute in the far future, they would be the arbiter.

There is no financial commitment involved with giving the name. These 
Linux Foundation “Collaborative Projects”
do not include fixed costs. There is some overhead cost if we are going 
to use some services from them, but at this
time, there is no plan or need for any of this.

Having the name on the launch mainly shows some support of the project 
and obviously helps FRR to be recognized.

There is no need to sign any (legal or otherwise) agreement either to 
give the name.

If there are more questions, then just let me know.

- Martin

> Le 21/03/2017 à 13:22, Donald Sharp a écrit :
>> https://bluejeans.com/9192742159
>> 1) Stable/2.0 Release
>> 2) Issues
>> 3) PR's
>> 4) I am at IETF next week no meeting
>> 5) Anything else?
>> donald
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