Slide for ONS networking booth

JR Rivers jrrivers at
Thu Mar 30 20:21:56 EDT 2017

Hi all, as you all know FRRouting is being announced as a Linux Foundation
project at ONS next week (during Jim Zemlin's keynote at 1:30p PST).  I
found out (today) that we have a chance to have a slide included in their
Networking Project rotating slide set.  I've created the attached slide;
let me know what you think.

We also have a chance for a small (5-7 minute) presentation/demo a couple
of times throughout the expo slots.  I'm expecting to spend most of
tomorrow and this weekend putting that all together... let me know if you
have any thoughts.  If you're attending ONS, would be cool to have anyone
participate that is interested.

cheers, JR
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