[frr] Slide for ONS networking rotating slide show

JR Rivers jrrivers at cumulusnetworks.com
Fri Mar 31 12:59:25 EDT 2017

Raising this in people's inboxes....

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> Subject: Slide for ONS networking rotating slide show
> Hi all, as you all know FRRouting is being announced as a Linux Foundation
> project at ONS next week (during Jim Zemlin's keynote at 1:30p PST).  I
> found out (today) that we have a chance to have a slide included in their
> Networking Project rotating slide set.  I've created the slide at the link
> below; let me know what you think.
> We also have a chance for a small (5-7 minute) presentation/demo a couple
> of times throughout the expo slots.  I'm expecting to spend most of
> tomorrow and this weekend putting that all together... let me know if you
> have any thoughts.  If you're attending ONS, would be cool to have anyone
> participate that is interested.
> cheers, JR
> https://drive.google.com/a/cumulusnetworks.com/file/d/
> 0B40CGzHSkT4zeGhEMGVhRDZTSDA/view?usp=sharing
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