[dev] Results of FRR TSC 2017-10 Voting...

Alistair Woodman awoodman at netdef.org
Fri Nov 10 05:51:15 EST 2017



Here are the results of the FRR TSC vote. (sorry for the delay, I have been
in transit) 


Eligible to vote:                 18

Actually voted:                  16

Turnout:                              89%


The following nominees were elected to the TSC:

.         Philippe Guibert

.         Donald  Sharp

.         Renato Westphal

.         Russ White

.         Martin Winter

.         Quentin Young


The following nominees were not:

.         Lou Berger

.         David Lamparter


I'd like to thank everyone for participating in the process, and look
forward to a repeat in 2018-10.



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