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Martin Winter mwinter at opensourcerouting.org
Wed Nov 15 20:05:04 EST 2017


On 15 Nov 2017, at 11:25, André Carlim wrote:

> Hi!
> Sorry if I am not posting the right list, however, I need to compile 
> the installable package fo Debian 7, I have a legacy Debian 7 farm and 
> I would like to test the Frr and who knows my routing problems stop, 
> thank you for the attention.

You are on the right list.

I’m not testing debian 7 and never tried building it on Debian 7. The 
main challenges would be some
outdated packages or packages not available.

Before you try to build the package for Debian 7, try to build FRR on 
it’s own.
I suggest to try based on stable/3.0 branch (not the development 

Try following the building based on the instructions in 
(Only until the ‘make’ - no need to install and no need to add 
This should give you enough information on dependencies and if the 
required packages
to build FRR actually exist on debian 7

Alternatively - if this is too painful, then look at the 
which is another OLD Debian.

Once the compile succeeds, then you can try building the package.

For package on Debian 7, I would suggest to use stable/3.0 (not master 
branch) from git and try building
based on the instructions in the debianpkg/README.deb_build.md file.

I expect you need to add a backport for debian7 (under 
debianpkg/backports), but expect this
should be not too difficult (Just look at the other backports as 
examples -  specifically the
ubuntu1204 which is of similar age and debian8 )

Let me know if there are specific issues trying to get it build and 
I’ll try to
help out. I don’t expect this to be too painful…


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> André Carlim
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