[dev] OSPFv2 VRF support is now available

Chirag Shah chirag at cumulusnetworks.com
Wed Oct 4 12:21:40 EDT 2017

Hi All,
We have OSPFv2 VRF-lite support is now available in FRR master.

List of ospf interface and list of area are part of "struct ospf" which
would divide per vrf.

Type1-5 LSAs and Opaque LSAs are handled i vrf aware instance.

LSA and LSDB would be operate on per area and per ospf interface which
would use its parent ospf vrf_id.

OSPF Route Add/delete will have struct ospf or vrf_id passed as argument
and ospf->vrf_id used to program the routes to zebra.

External route are vrf aware.

BFD sessions are vrf aware.

Primary OSPF show CLIs like neighbor, interface, database, route are
converted to take vrf <all | word> as arguement and follows "show ip ospf
vrf [all|word] ....." format.
json output containing VRF anchor point will be added in future check-ins.

A new CLI 'show ip ospf vrfs' outlines all vrf configured ospf instances.

MI-OSPF with VRF is not tested but configuration cli allows the

Kind Regards,

Chirag Shah
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