[dev] [Action] Nominations for the TSC...

Alistair Woodman awoodman at netdef.org
Mon Oct 23 10:55:38 EDT 2017

Dear Maintainers, 

I'm looking for nominations for the TSC election. (Per the by-laws this election is due this month).

I intend to follow the following process.
1) ask you (the maintainers) for new nominations to the TSC. 
    (These can include self nominations)
2) assume existing TSC members will wish to continue 
    (i.e. They are automatically nominated) 
    (Any exiting TSC member wishing to stand down 
     may unicast me)
3) create the union of the two sets
4) run the election per the "Multi-winner Single Transferable Vote" process per the TSC doc.

Please provide me with nominations by COB this Friday the 27th.


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