[dev] [Action] Nominations for the TSC...

Alistair Woodman awoodman at netdef.org
Fri Oct 27 12:13:29 EDT 2017

All, just a reminder. Deadline for nominations to the TSC is end of the day today (PT).

Along with the existing 6 TSC members, I have two new nominees:
1) Quentin Young
2) Renato Westphal

Any other suggestions ?


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> On Oct 23, 2017, at 07:55, Alistair Woodman <awoodman at netdef.org> wrote:
> Dear Maintainers, 
> I'm looking for nominations for the TSC election. (Per the by-laws this election is due this month).
> I intend to follow the following process.
> 1) ask you (the maintainers) for new nominations to the TSC. 
>    (These can include self nominations)
> 2) assume existing TSC members will wish to continue 
>    (i.e. They are automatically nominated) 
>    (Any exiting TSC member wishing to stand down 
>     may unicast me)
> 3) create the union of the two sets
> 4) run the election per the "Multi-winner Single Transferable Vote" process per the TSC doc.
> Please provide me with nominations by COB this Friday the 27th.
> /a
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