[dev] duplicate frr in source tar name

Martin Winter mwinter at opensourcerouting.org
Fri Aug 31 11:31:11 EDT 2018

On 31 Aug 2018, at 1:20, Michal Ruprich wrote:

> Hi Martin,
> when I go to the download page here
> https://github.com/FRRouting/frr/releases and I download source code 
> in
> either zip or tar.gz the name of the file is always frr-frr-x.y.z...

Yes, a github “feature”

Github creates a tar of all of the git repo and names it 
Our Version labels are frr-5.0.1 and the project is called frr

so this causes the issue.

I think the better way to address is to NOT publish that specific tar
(anyone could clone the git if needed) and instead publish the 
“Distribution tar”
(as made with “make dist”) in the future.

But still open to discussion. unfortunately, this double-naming can’t
be resolved (as most don’t feel to change labels just to work around a 
github quirk)

- Martin

> On 08/30/2018 05:47 PM, Martin Winter wrote:
>> Michal,
>> can you provide more details?
>> I don’t see this issue.
>> I assume you mean (with tar file) the output of a “make dist”,
>> but (as an example) the 5.0.1 is just named frr-5.0.1.tar.gz
>> Please explain where you see this.
>> Regards,
>>    Martin Winter
>> On 30 Aug 2018, at 3:43, Michal Ruprich wrote:
>>> Hi,
>>> is there any specific reason for naming every source file 
>>> frr-frr-x.y.z?
>>> Why using the name frr twice?
>>> Regards,
>>> Michal Ruprich
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