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Pascal Mathis frr-dev at maillist.smx.li
Sun Jul 1 11:26:39 EDT 2018

Hello everyone,

I have started using FRRouting almost a year ago and decided a few weeks
ago that I would like to contribute back to FRRouting, which is why I am
hereby nominating myself as an official FRR maintainer. My biggest
contribution so far was introducing improved support for overriding peer
flags and attributes when dealing with peer-groups, which was submitted
and merged as #2304 and #2445. You can find further contributions or
talk with me on Slack by searching for my handle @ppmathis.

Future tasks I have planned, aside from the usual maintainer duties
(trying to hunt down issues, reviewing incoming PRs), are:

- Reviewing and cleaning up various parts of the bgpd sourcecode
- Implementing CISCO-BGP-MIB as an addition to BGP4-MIB, which
introduces SNMP support for IPv6
- Working on getting bgpd YANG-ready, once we've reached a stage where
it makes sense to start with the implementation

As you can see from the list above, I'm a BGP-addicted person and this
is going to be my primary focus when working on FRR. I will extend my
knowledge to other areas/daemons if time allows, but for now I would be
mostly working on bgpd.

Feel free to ask should you have any other questions directed to me.
Thanks in advance for any kind of feedback and have a nice day!


Pascal Mathis
https://www.pascalmathis.com - mail at pascalmathis.com
GPG Fingerprint - 59E3 E751 4F49 A5D2 B16A 2AE5 059E 62FF 0142 2B89

On 06/29/2018 01:36 AM, Donald Sharp wrote:
> Please feel free to nominate yourself or someone else that you think
> would be a good maintainer.

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