[dev] MPLS SWAP and POP configuration issue

Vijayalakshmi vijayalakshmi.marudhanayagam at veryxtech.com
Fri Jul 20 09:08:31 EDT 2018


I have found the issue in my configuration and now able to perform 
PUSH/SWAP/POP operations for MPLS via Linux Kernel.

And I tested the same with FRR and here I am not sure about the 
configuration for popping a MPLS label.

To add label via zebra,
*ip route label 100*

To swap label via zebra,
*mpls lsp 100 200*

To remove label via zebra,

Please let me know the configuration if anyone knows.


The issue observed with Linux configuration of static route with nexthop 
as IP address works fine but nexthop as interface (dev) does not work.

As the following works fine,
*  encap mpls  100 via via 
dev ens9

*but this does not work,
*  encap mpls  100 via dev ens9

On 7/16/2018 7:15 PM, Vijayalakshmi wrote:
> Hi Kishore,
> Thanks for your reply.
> I tried the same with Linux MPLS via iproute2 configuration. Still the 
> behavior is same.
> So it is clear that the issue is not with FRR.
> Let me fix the issue in my Linux kernel and get back to you if I need 
> any support.
> Regards,
> Vijayalakshmi
> On 7/13/2018 9:45 PM, Kishore Aramalla wrote:
>> Vijayalakshmi, Can you share your configuration.
>> Best,
>> Kishore
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>> *Subject:* [dev] MPLS SWAP and POP configuration issue
>> Hello,
>> We are currently working with simulating a PE router in MPLS 
>> architecture.
>> We run zebra and ldp with below configuration
>> and facing issues in swapping and popping of label in zebra.
>> In my MPLS table I have the following entries,
>> zebra_2# show mpls table
>>  Inbound                            Outbound
>>    Label     Type          Nexthop     Label
>> --------  -------  ---------------  --------
>>       16      LDP         3
>>       17   Static        18
>> But still zebra is not swapping the label and also not forwarding the 
>> received traffic (inbound label 16/17)to the respective nexthop.
>> Is there any special command to activate mpls configuration ?
>> Can someone help us in a configuring zebra MPLS to pop label and swap 
>> label?
>> Thanks,
>> Vijayalakshmi

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