[dev] Tuesday's Meeting Notes

Donald Sharp sharpd at cumulusnetworks.com
Wed Mar 14 21:23:51 EDT 2018


1836 - Still open. Assigned to Philippe

1845 - still open issue, need more work. Assigned to Philippe

1850 - Discussion on issue when during convergence a path doesn’t have
labels and other path has labels and how to resolve this.
Renato/Donald/Paul discussing solution offline.

1851 - RFC says we should add to IPv6’s to RA. Open issue to be addressed

1856 - Donald will look at it

1857 - He fails installing rtrlib - Martin going to reply with package link

1859 - Needs to look at it - Marti will look at it

1862 - Install issue. Patrick got followed up

1864 - Don Slice addressing it

1865 - ipinlnd will do a pull request

1874 - Philippe found root cause (or at least part of the issue) and
has a fix. Might be another VRF issue on ending up as VRF unknown (Max
ID) or -1 written to vrf ID. Might require another issue

1877 - Was removed some time back (complicated code), might be
difficult to secure (filter passwords etc). Might be addressed in
Northbound API in future

1878 - Donald asking Chirag to look into it

1879 - Quentin looking at it


1704 - Martin doing the centos6 doc update and Quentin doing the make
clean fix, ok to merge afterwards

1880 - Donald will review it

Out of time to discuss more PR’s - Send email or ping on slack if
anything needs to be discussed.

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