[dev] Technical Meeting Notes

Donald Sharp sharpd at cumulusnetworks.com
Wed Mar 21 08:35:50 EDT 2018

Technical meeting notes - 3/20/18

Donald, Emmanuel, Paul Z, Rafael, Quentin, Mark Stapp, Philippe,
Martin, Christian, Daniel, Alistair, Jafar, Don

New Issues:

1879 - Quentin looking at it - in progress

1887 - static route refactoring - Donald submitted to treat static
routes as just another route type

1892 - frr install on ubuntu (particular version) crash - Martin
taking it but next week for the work

1895 - Quentin has open pull request for this one

1899 - zebra socket problem (not reading all data). need to improve
read data handling

Possible known issue with loopback devices? Suggested by Renato? Asked
Renato to respond.

1906 - request for feature - ospfv3 authentication trailer - added to
feature request list

1907 - FRR not running on FreeBSD (ns init failure) - Martin

Assigned to Philippe

1910 - ospfv3 lsa fragment - fixed by Chirag - waiting for response
from submitter that fixed for them

1917 - show advertised in bgp with peer group fails after a while

Need details on reproducing - fixed in 4.0 (according to submitter)
fixed in master?

Would like it fixed in 3.0 (if we can identify what fixed it) - git bisect

Asked submitter for recreate steps and if receiver still has the routes

1923 - licenses on ldpd and babeld - Martin responding - assigned to him

Leave open for another few days and then close if no response

1926 - interface netns not removed from zebra - Philippe - assigned to
him as well

Working on it and will discuss with Renato

1930 - Centos 7 chroot build failing - Martin fixed in master and will
put also in 4.0

assigned to Martin

1934 - document api/abi versioning scheme - Quentin

need a way for coders to know the api exposed by a version number

Assigned to Quentin

older - 1850 - Paul looking at changes made by Donald - didn't fix
problem reported by Paul. Still in progress


1817 - flowspec client - Philippe

Donald will look at it and asked others on reviewer list to review.

Static analysis also had warning which Philippe will look at

1824 - table manager for zebra - Philippe

Failure in CI system - asking Lou to take a look at the CI failures

1825 - Fron Chirag - ospfv3 intra prefix lsa after restart

Jafar looking at it

1853 - bfd changes - Rafael

Fixing warnings - getting closer

1854 - C99 fixed with integer types - Quentin

Asking Lou to look at response to changes requested

1871 - zebra pbr rule added to fwmark tag

Philippe asked questions about the approach Donald took

Donald said need encode function in lib/zclient.c

Unclear the end discussion - as Donald

1881 - ospf SR SRGB limits - Olivier - new topo tests next week by Olivier

1882 - Community.md document that we don't dismiss comments on a review (Lou)

No real disagreement but look at it when Lou is back

1883 - Community.md needs more documentation on the style requirements (Paul)

Checkpatch is useful but do we care about everything it complains about?

Quentin's response - Linux style guide source of truth but can be
reiterated here

Checkpatch is a strong suggestion with specific exceptions.

95% of the time, it's right.

Paul tweaking the language a bit to reflect this discussion

1894 - vtysh needs -u to avoid using enable mode

Quentin tested and doesn't quite work - needs to be fixed

1903 - PBR by Donald

Philippe will look but needs more eyes

Also needs to rebase, fix conflicts and resubmit

Philippe has questions about future match criteria

1904 - Documentation cleanup - Quentin - Still in progress

Martin will review when done

1905 - ipset table for zebra - Philippe - Renato reviewing

1913 - vpn-policy cli - Paul

He believes he has addressed all of the comments in the PR

If reviewers agree, ready to push

Donald will re-review

1915 - evpn ipv6 external routing - Philippe reviewing - could use
other eyes on it

1916 - evpn bug fixes - looking for reviewer

1921 - pim stuff - cleanup of how vrf info is used to be more
efficient (rather than iterating)

Jafar reviewing

1927 - zebra delete interface that disappeared - work in progress by Philippe

1928 - bgp flowspec get vrf from RT - Philippe

Adding an API to get this information from the RT

Paul or Lou volunteer? Paul will discuss with Philippe offline

1931 - pimd mtrace fixes - Donald looking at it

1933 - move community.md to developer/workflow.rst - Quentin - Jafar reviewing

1935 - document code style tools - Quentin - Lou? Not there to
respond. Martin will ask him

1937 - bgp vpn vrf leak cli documentation - Quentin will merge it

1938 - bgpd - fix peer withdrawal and route leaking for vpns and vrfs
- Paul reviewing

1939 - redhat tarball - waiting for CI to finish

Martin has rpki packages building and needs someone to do testing on
it if someone is willing

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