[dev] FRRouting: SQLite for OSPF and ISIS database, BGP link-state, Devel-tools

Ehsan Sabooni ehsan.sabooni at gmail.com
Fri Nov 16 23:38:44 EST 2018

Hello dear all,

I am pretty new in FRRouting, and keen to take part in its usage and
I have started reading ISISd code. I saw somewhere in the code, and I
thought whether it is possible to have the ISIS/OSPF database to be saved
in SQLite database; making it pretty easy for further developments, such as
developing CSPF and RSVP-TE for it.

my question is:
1- does FRRouting save ISIS/OSPF database information in SQLite database?
2- If not, how is it possible to force it to do so?
3- Does FRRouting support BGP link-state protocol? this make it suitable
for carrier level provisioning via SDN solutions (OpenDaylight, ONOS).
4- That's my shy for asking such unprofessional question at last, if I want
to start development and contribution, where should I start? (Which IDE,
development tools, etc, do I need?). as a C developer the only tool that I
know to read and understand the C code, is Cscope. Do you have any other
recommendation to speed up my work?

I appreciate your support!
thanks and best regards.,,
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