[dev] Problems installing FRR v7.1-1 on Debian ARM arches

Quentin Armitage quentin at armitage.org.uk
Sat Aug 31 03:37:33 EDT 2019

apt install frr frr-pythonutils is failing on ARM architectures.

When attempting to install just frr from deb.frrouting.org it attempts to install version 7.0.1-1, and not version 7.1-1,
but frr-pythonutils is version 7.1-1.

The reason for the problem is that https://deb.frrouting.org/frr/dists/buster/frr-stable/binary-armhf/Packages has the old
version for some packages and the new version for other packages (e.g. frr-pythonutils).

The problem appears to be the same for both armhf and arm64 on all distro versions, but amd64 and i386 do not appear to have
the problem.

Quentin Armitage
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