[dev] Odds and Ends from tech meeting

Donald Sharp sharpd at cumulusnetworks.com
Tue Dec 10 17:36:52 EST 2019

All -

1) Dec 24 and Dec 31 meetings tech meetings are cancelled.
2) I plan to spend a bit of time on the Jan 7 meeting to allow us to
have a bit of a retrospective.  Please spend a few minutes thinking
about what we've done well and what we've done poorly so we can
discuss them in the meeting on the 7th.  As always there is always
room for improvement and we would love to hear the ideas
3) We plan to pull the next stabilization branch of FRR the week of
Jan 5 as well.  Please take a few minutes and help us get what is in
PR now into the code base if you can.
4) One part  of today's meeting centered around adding a new
requirement for feature work in FRR.  Namely all new Feature work
*must* have a CI test that can be run the code to ensure it stays
working as people make changes to how the underlying system works.
Please be prepared to discuss this further and to see if we can come
to a conclusion next week.



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