[dev] FRRouting (6.0.2) now available in Debian buster/testing

David Lamparter david at opensourcerouting.org
Sun Feb 10 11:56:28 EST 2019

Hi all,

I'm pleased to announce FRRouting 6.0.2(-2) is now available in Debian
testing (buster)!

Please note that if you have an earlier version installed (e.g. from CI
auto-packages), you will be auto-updated to 6.0.2 unless you mark the
package for hold.  It may be necessary to do this as the official Debian
packages have been considerably cleaned up and reworked compared to 6.0
and older; there are some visible changes particularly in init scripts
and startup behaviour.  (These changes were merged in 6.0.1.  If you
already are at that or newer, the update should be smooth sailing.)

Ubuntu has also auto-copied the package to their 19.04 / disco branch.
This means that unless something unexpected happens, FRRouting will be
available in the following upcoming distribution releases:
- Debian 10 / buster (expected to become "stable" in 2~3 months)
- Ubuntu 19.04 (expected to release end of April)

If you have installed pre-release versions of either of these
distributions, installing FRRouting is now a matter of doing a plain
"apt install frr".

FRRouting will very likely remain at the 6.0.x release train for both of
these distributions.  If you want to receive updates to newer major
versions, manual intervention will still be needed (there might be a
PPA/repo at some point.)



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