[dev] Get router adresses from zebra

p.issartel64 at gmail.com p.issartel64 at gmail.com
Thu Jul 11 17:48:34 EDT 2019


I am developping my own routing deamon based on the Zebra API included in FR Route ing. 

My deamon works and I am able to receive routes from zebra. 
I can get prefix and nexthop adresses (from ospf routers on dockers) but my problem is that I want to get routers IP adresses (or ID) of the routes I got. 

For the moment, I am basing my work on the ospf deamon. But I don’t understand how (and where in the code) ospf->new_rtrs is set from routes received.

How can I get the routers ip adresses sent by ospf/zebra on my deamon ?

Thank you for your answers.

Pierre I.

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