[dev] New Northbound API compatibility with vtysh commands

Mukesh.Moopath.Velay at dell.com Mukesh.Moopath.Velay at dell.com
Wed Jul 17 21:25:59 EDT 2019

Hi Renato,

We are very much interested in the new Northbound API for FRR as it provides programmatic access to configure FRR and read operational data.

We have a use-case where the new Northbound API may be used in conjunction with the legacy VTYsh commands and have a few questions in this regard -

  1.  Does the new Northbound API architecture currently allow concurrent configuration using legacy VTYsh commands as well at the same time ?
  2.  How does configuration persistence work ? Will the frr.conf store ONLY configurations made using legacy VTYsh commands ? Are the new Northbound API configurations persisted separately ?
  3.  If separately persisted will both frr.conf and the Northbound APIs be restored independently at start-up ?


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