[dev] Some doubts regarding asynchronous data plane in FRR

sudhanshu kumar sudhanshu22 at gmail.com
Sat Jul 27 23:55:18 EDT 2019

I have 2 doubts regarding asynchronous dataplane implementation in FRR.
1. When there are multiple dplanes, each can process the same route context
and modify the status in the context. But while
processing rib_process_after(), we only consider the status returned by the
last processed provider. Is this correct? We should, in this case, consider
status returned by all the providers. If all of them return success, then
only, we should consider the status as success in rib_process_after().
2. Currently, zebra fpm interaction happens in rib context using hook. I
would like to know why this was done ? Can this be made as a separate
dplane ?

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