[dev] issues with frr_interface_info in flexible array member

Sahoo sahoo at looptelecom.com
Wed Jun 19 07:35:42 EDT 2019


   Recently I have taken FRR7.0 code base and have cross compile in
Ubunto-16.04 for a target (ARM). Once the daemons (Zebra, RIP etc) are run
into the target I see .xpath field in frr_interface_info
(frr_interface_info.nodes[0].xpath) contains junk value, though it's been
initialized by "/frr-interface:lib/interface".

   My understanding is (correct me if I am wrong pls) that
frr_interface_info is part of shared library i.e. libfrr.so.0.0.0 and it's
of type frr_yang_module_info which has the flexible arrary members i.e.
"nodes[]".  Now once we link the shared library to be part of zebra, zebra
get's its own copy of frr_interface_info (data segment is not shared). My
doubt is "does the whole section of frr_interface_info" (i.e. including the
flexible array members) gets copied into each daemon? I can see only the
fixed size i.e. upto "name" is correct, not the nodes[].

It seems I may miss some options at compile, please suggest me.


Thanks & Regards



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