[dev] More complex PBR rules

Markus Moeller huaraz at moeller.plus.com
Sun Jun 30 09:28:02 EDT 2019

Hi FRR developers,

   I am new to this group and wonder if you can advise how I could implement more complex PBR rules to achieve for example load balancing. The requirement I have is to route based on e.g. a hash like:

  hash(src-ip+dst-ip) mod N  routes via  gwX    0<X<=N   ( load balance over N gateways )

  This would help in situations where I can not use a MAC for identifying a GW ( e.g. in cloud environments) .

   Would this be possible with FRR or do I have to look into the linux kernel.  If it is in the kernel, could someone point me to the relevant kernel routines ?

Thank you
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