[dev] fd80 prefix allocation

Tran (US), Katherine K katherine.k.tran at boeing.com
Tue Apr 21 13:39:24 EDT 2020


I asked this question to the FROG mailing list. But, I was wondering if it might be more of a developer question. I am trying to switch from Quagga to FRR.

Would anyone know how FRR treats "fd80" prefixes?

My configuration assigns "fd80" prefixes as Unique Local IPv6 Unicast Addresses (IETF RFC 4193), which can be routed. But, when looking at the added BGP routes, FRR shows "fe80" prefixes as the next-hop address.  The next-hop address should have a "fd80" prefix.

Note: Quagga displays the correct "fd80" prefix whereas FRR does not.

Thank you,
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