[dev] Ubuntu 20.04 package?

Oliver O'Boyle ooboyle at atlific.com
Mon Jun 29 18:08:16 UTC 2020

Thanks for the link, Eric. Unfortunately we’re mostly an Ubuntu shop and the router template is already built except for the frr package. Just waiting on that and a bit of testing.


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Subject: RE: [dev] Ubuntu 20.04 package?

Maybe helpful – Includes FRR in VM but is CentOS vs Ubuntu.


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Subject: [dev] Ubuntu 20.04 package?


I’m in need of a package for Ubuntu 20.04. I’m building and will soon be releasing a router VM on this platform for internal use but we have at least 50 of these that will need to be deployed soon. More after that.

Is there any chance a package can be released for 20.04 in the next week or so?


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