[dev] PCEPlib repo, as mentioned in the telco meeting yesterday

Brady Johnson brady at voltanet.io
Thu May 28 12:11:24 EDT 2020


This is my first email to FRR :)

I work for Volta Networks and I am based out of Madrid, Spain.

Yesterday in the FRR Telco meeting, Sebastien from Netdef presented the
work we have been doing together on the pathd daemon for SR-TE and a PCEP
PCC. We mentioned the PCEPlib library that I wrote that pathd links-in for
the PCEP protocol communication. We mentioned that we would be upstreaming
the PCEPlib library soon. Well, I created a repo in our public github with
the PCEPlib code [1] The PCEPlib is LGPL 2 licensed.

The PCEPlib has 3 branches:
- master (no dev allowed here)
- devel (new development here)
- devel-1.0 (release branch)

The devel-1.0 branch is the latest tested version used with pathd.

The devel branch is where new development happens, but it has not been
completely tested with pathd yet.

When designing and developing the PCEPlib, I had a requirement that it MUST
work without FRR, so you will notice that it has its own timers and socket
handling. I have new code in the devel branch that allows for callbacks to
be plugged-in to the PCEPlib so that it uses memory, timers, and socket
infrastructure from FRR. There are more details about this in the README

We can discuss the next steps forward with the PCEPlib when we discuss
merging the pathd. Meanwhile, constructive comments are welcome :)



[1] https://github.com/volta-networks/pceplib
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