[FROG] Issue compiling 3.0.2

Chris Babcock cbabcock at qoya.io
Sun Dec 3 12:35:29 EST 2017

Hi All,

We've been using Quagga for a while and looking forward to switching 
over to FRR.  I'm having trouble compiling on Centos 7 though.  When I 
attempt to compile I get this error:

checking whether to build static libraries... yes
checking json-c/json.h usability... no
checking json-c/json.h presence... no
checking for json-c/json.h... no
checking for json_object_get in -ljson-c... no
checking for json_object_get in -ljson... no
configure: error: lib json is needed to compile

I see the header and c file in the lib folder:

[centos at ip-172-30-5-42 frr-frr-3.0.2]$ find ./ -name json.*
[centos at ip-172-30-5-42 frr-frr-3.0.2]$

I have json libs installed on my machine:

[centos at ip-172-30-5-42 frr-frr-3.0.2]$ yum list installed | grep json
json-c.x86_64 0.11-4.el7_0                   installed
json-devel.x86_64 0-4.20150410gitd7d0509.el7     @epel
json-glib.x86_64 1.2.6-1.el7                    @base
json-glib-devel.x86_64 1.2.6-1.el7                    @base
libfastjson.x86_64 0.99.4-2.el7                   @base
python-jsonpatch.noarch 1.2-4.el7                      @base
python-jsonpointer.noarch 1.9-2.el7                      installed
[centos at ip-172-30-5-42 frr-frr-3.0.2]$

What am I missing?  Thanks for any help.



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