[FROG] Default action associated w/ distribute-list

Jim Carroll jim at carroll.com
Sun Oct 1 08:48:42 EDT 2017

Thank for the clarification - much appreciated.



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Hi there Jim,

On 01/10/17 11:42, Jim Carroll wrote:

I've scrutinized the docs
but cannot determine default announcement behavior.  
So I have a basic question about 'distribute-list prefix' applied outbound
to an interface in RIP. Is the default action to permit or deny? 
For example, say we have
     router rip
           distribute-list prefix mylist out eth0
     ip prefix-list mylist seq 10 permit
What would the RIP process do with an announcement for -
would it default to deny (because it doesn't match the permit list) or would
it default to permit?


You're right, prefix lists default to deny. The above would result in not being distributed.


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