[FROG] nexthop_set failed

Xinwei Hong xhong at skytap.com
Wed Oct 4 13:28:54 EDT 2017


I have a two bgp router setting between and On, I have to following config. similar config as on


! -*- bgp -*-


hostname bgpd

password zebra


router bgp 7632

 neighbor remote-as 7633

 bgp router-id



 address-family ipv4 unicast


  neighbor activate

  neighbor next-hop-self



access-list all permit any


route-map set-nexthop permit 10

 match ip address all

 set ip next-hop


log file /var/log/frr/bgpd.log

log stdout

log syslog

In log, I find the following errors.

2017/10/03 23:29:40 BGP: nexthop_set failed, resetting
connection - intf (nil)

2017/10/03 23:29:40 BGP: bgp_connect_success: bgp_getsockname(): failed for
peer, fd 9

2017/10/03 23:29:40 BGP: [FSM] Failure handling event
TCP_connection_open in state Connect, prior events BGP_Start, BGP_Start, fd

Is there anything wrong with my config?


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