[FROG] terminal paginate

mike tancsa mike at sentex.net
Thu Aug 1 12:03:57 EDT 2019

On 8/1/2019 11:55 AM, mike tancsa wrote:
> On 8/1/2019 11:31 AM, David Lamparter wrote:
>> Put it in /etc/frr/vtysh.conf
>>> # vtysh
>>> line 8: % Unknown command[4]: terminal paginate
>>> Does it have to be in a certain location of the file ?
>> Er, no, it shouldn't... which version of FRR is this?
> From the FreeBSD ports tree, with all options disabled except for VTYSH,
> version 6.0.2. It grabs and builds from the tarball
> FRRouting-frr-frr-6.0.2_GH0.tar.gz

I also try adding the def in the FreeBSD port's Makefile

CONFIGURE_ARGS= --enable-user=frr \
                --enable-group=frr \
                --enable-vty-group=frrvty \
                --sysconfdir=${ETCDIR} \
                --localstatedir=/var/run/frr \
                --disable-nhrpd \
                --with-vtysh-pager='/usr/bin/less -EFX'\

so that config.log looks like

  $ ./configure --enable-user=frr --enable-group=frr
--enable-vty-group=frrvty --sysconfdir=/usr/local/etc/frr
--localstatedir=/var/run/frr --disable-nhrpd
--with-vtysh-pager=/usr/bin/less -EFX --disable-pimd --disable-fpm
--disable-ldpd --disable-doc --without-libpam --disable-rpki
--disable-shell-access --disable-snmp --disable-tcmalloc
--disable-tcp-zebra --enable-vtysh --prefix=/usr/local
--mandir=/usr/local/man --disable-silent-rules
--infodir=/usr/local/share/info/ --build=amd64-portbld-freebsd11.3

for the build and the def looks correct

 grep VTYSH config.log | head -2
| #define VTYSH_PAGER "/usr/bin/less -EFX"
| #define VTYSH_PAGER "/usr/bin/less -EFX"

but it still does not default to terminal paginate being on when I fire
up vtysh


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