[FROG] DEB repo and Apt-Cacher NG

Chriztoffer Hansen chriztoffer at netravnen.de
Sun Aug 18 20:42:34 EDT 2019


Anyone have had success before with configuring 
http://deb.frrouting.org/frr/ together with Apt-Cacher NG with 
ForceManaged enabled?

Currently trying. But ends up with the following results each time I 
execute 'apt-get update' on any machine connected to the proxy.

Err:3 http://deb.frrouting.org/frr buster InRelease
   403  Forbidden file type or location [IP: 3142]

Remap-frrouting: file:frrouting_mirrors /frr ; file:backends_frrouting
ForceManaged: 1




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