[FROG] [FRR] [syslog] How to dump log of bgpd

Simon Jones batmanustc at gmail.com
Thu Aug 22 03:43:04 EDT 2019

Hi all,

I'm using FRR, I found zebra, staticd could dump log, but bgpd could not

I start bgpd like this:

> root at NX-ZWYC-M1F202-A16-HW6865-A-INT-212:/# /usr/lib/frr/bgpd -A
> -M snmp --log stdout --log-level debug

There is only this log:

> 2019/08/22 07:21:43 BGP: bgpd 7.0.1-sonic starting: vty at 2605, bgp@
> <all>:179

Then I up/down peer, there is no log

Simon Jones
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