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kevin-chiang kevin-chiang at looptelecom.com
Fri Aug 30 03:13:48 EDT 2019

Dear developers,


We have some questions about pimd:


According to my test, seems FRR can't handle IGMPv3 report with exclude mode
(system still forwards the specified multicast data packet which is received
from exclude source IP)

==> Does FRR support IGMPv3 report with exclude mode??

==> Or any bug fix plan in the future?


If we enable IGMP only, then multicast data packet can't forward succeeded,
seems we must enable PIM also.

==> Dose FRR have any plan to support only IGMP enable case??


Please guide us


Thanks a lot







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8GESW is designed to transport Ethernet services over SDH/SONET networks (EoS). It provides eight GbE ports and a range of standard L2 switch functions, including VLAN, Q-in-Q, MAC learning, MSTP/RSTP, CoS and QoS, and etc. Ethernet bridging services include EPL, EVPL, and EPLAN. Max. bandwidth for SDH/SONET transportation is either STM-4/OC-12 or STM-16/OC-48. Dual 8GESW cards can be mounted simultaneously to achieve card-level protection. Protection switch happens within 50 ms without any traffic interruption. Traffic at the SDH/SONET side is further protected by SNCP/UPSR ring and MSP (1+1).

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