[FROG] Basic BGP transit with FRR

John Antypas ja at antypas.net
Sat Sep 4 07:18:28 UTC 2021

To all,

I've always known what FRR is, and what it can do.  I've just never had to
do it myself -- I've been lucky enough to have really good WAN admins who
just delivered packet to me over an Ethernet cable and I stayed in the
kernel where I could only break MY machine, not everyone else's on the
Internet.  Some poor soul told me I should venture out and let me do
this.... God protects the foolish so here I go....

What I'm trying to do:

My transit provider has given me a GRE tunnel for my IP blocks and over
which I am to do BGP.  Specifically (made up IPs, but valid prefixes)

- GRE tunnel endpoints (their end) --- (my end).  Tunnel
works and passes packets
- Prefixes:

It seems to me, I need to create an frr file like this?  (daemons has bgpd
 version 7.5
frr default traditional
hostname esxi
password 5System5!zebra
enable password 5System5!zebra
log syslog traditional

ip forward
ipv6 forward
ip forward
service integrated-vtysh-conf
router bgp 398319
  neighbor V4 peer-group
  neighbor V4 as THEIR-ASN
  neighbor peer-group V4
  neighbor V6 peer-group
  neighbor V6 remote-as THEIR-ASN
  neighbor THEIR-V6-IP

  address-family ipv4 unicast
     redistribute connected
     neighbor V4 route-map IMPORT in
     neighbor V4 route-map EXPORT out

  address-family ipv6 unicase
     redistributee connected
     neighbor V6 activate
     neighbor V6 route-map INPORT in
     neighbor V6 route-map EXPORT out

route-map EXPORT deny 100
route-map EXPORT permit 1
   match interface lo
route-map IMPORT deny 1

line vty
Is this even close?   I just want to announce my internal prefixes out to
them.  Also, I've put this in frr.conf vtysh.conf, etc.  and it never seems
to be part of the config.  Clearing I'm quite worng.  Where do I go from
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