[frr] Comparison of patches in 1.1.1

Donald Sharp sharpd at cumulusnetworks.com
Tue Jan 24 13:43:59 EST 2017

1.1.1 patches

Revert "ospf6d: Update router-LSA when nbr's interface-ID changes -> I
believe we've fixed this via a different commit
lib: limit size of vty buffer to 4096 bytes -> We have
lib: ensure vty buf is nul terminated and wrap puts to it with checks
-> We implemented this fix differently
lib: bump library version -> We need to bump our library version to
2.0.0.  Discuss if we need to change the name of libzebra so we avoid
library collision?
zebra: fix build on OpenBSD >= 5.9 -> We have this fix already via another route
vtysh: make warnings about node installs a non-default compile-time
option -> We just fixed the root of this issue
vtysh: Fix, guard against NULL pointer dereference -> We have this one
vty: Add ctrl-v <literal> to allow, e.g., '?' to be input for regex ->
We probably should figure out how to grab this.
HACKING: set a4paper by default  -> Who cares
HACKING: Add 'Objectives', 'Governance', and an initial 'Code of
Conduct' -> Not needed
HACKING: Update useful URLs -> Not needed
configure: Bump version to 1.1.1  -> Not needed

The only item we should consider is the vty: Add ctrl-v .... fix.
Except it is by Paul and there is no Signed-off-by:.... If someone
wants to approach Paul or port this over feel free.  I'm not going to
do that work.

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