[frr] syntax for route map matching ipv6 prefix

Thomas Hilse thhi.1964 at gmail.com
Thu Jan 26 10:48:38 EST 2017

Hi team,

I have tried FRR (version
2.0-rc0-ci.NetDEF.org-20170126.021714-git.1e78204) downloaded from the
"netdef" build system:

https://ci1.netdef.org/ (FRR build #53 - version for freebsd 10.3)

In my test setup - dual homed connection to one ISP - all seems to work
as expected. (quagga 1.1.1 has a regression -
FRR in my setup is not affected from this regression.)

However I am wondering how to define a route map matching an ipv6 prefix
in FRR. The syntax which is working with quagga seems to be invalid in
FRR (or not supported). I am using route maps to filter the
redistribution of routes and to modify the BGP route metricies between
the two connections to our ISP.

ipv6 prefix-list V6-PREFIX seq 5 permit 2001:db8:1cc:222::/64
route-map V6-RM permit 10
  match ipv6 address prefix-list V6-PREFIX

Best regards


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