[dev] Meeting Notes "Technical Discussion of FRR Code" - July 4, 2017

Martin Winter mwinter at opensourcerouting.org
Tue Jul 4 12:07:09 EDT 2017

Meeting Notes FRR Technical Call

Attendance: Martin, Lou, Philippe, Alistair, Emmanual, Renato, David, 

Issues: 3.0
   - *bsd interface speed from the kernel #407
     Not a bug, but enhancement. On Renato's list sometime next week.
   - problem with static route and dynamic interface. #560
     David thinks that this is a real issue (ie tunnels) and need fix
     Waiting for Donald
   - BGPd: global-buffer-overflow #670
     David looking at cherry-picking it from master

Other 3.0 issues (not on issue tracker)
   - From FRR Dev List: "[dev] Synchronization issue between bgp and 
vtysh states"
     Not sure how to debug this. They should open an issue for this to 
track it.

Other Issues:
   - CI system Static Analysis is mixing branches #761
     Closed as resolved
   - EIGRP Neighbor adjacency became full #765
	Waiting for Donald
   - bgpd: allow neighbor to be active for both ipv4 unicast and 
labeled-unicast #766
	Lou working with Daniel on it. Compability change in PR which needs to 
	resolved first
   - ldp ipv4 tests are inconsistent #772
	Closed. Was a CI system cleanup issue between testruns
   - (Increasing the number of MPLS-tags in) zebra #776
	New issue... discussion in progress on mailing list
	Should it go into 3.0?

   - zebra: Remove duplicate next hops when installing routes #554
	Waiting for Donald
   - EVPN for VxLAN #619
	Waiting for status & opinion from Vivek
   - frr: Fix up the rpmbuild process to solidify on one unified way of 
wo… #639
	Lower prio, waiting for some Debian Pkg Work. Tracking PR
   - Evpn flebominator( struct attr_extra collapsed struct attr ) #682
	Waiting for evpn split (# 619)
   - Add Pseudowire management in Zebra #724
	Renato working with Bingen, Bingen supposed to send new PR
   - bgpd: Install SAFI_LABELED_UNICAST routes in SAFI_UNICAST table 
	Discussion between Lou and Daniel in progress
   - Hashtable statistics #742
   - Bgp buffer #750
	Moved to Rafael as he is working on topotests right now anyway
   - PREVIEW: Debian pkg for 2.0 #758
	Waiting on more hands with Debian Pkg Experience
   - Allow for more than 1 NH recursion level #762
	Waiting on Donald

Should probably schedule TSC meeting on
   - Release signing (discussion on GPG Keys)
   - Access to frrouting.org servers (How to get more "root" users to 

FRR Meetup at IETF?
   - Lou, Alistair, others?

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