[dev] Topotests - Call for users

Rafael Zalamena rzalamena at opensourcerouting.org
Tue Jul 4 17:15:19 EDT 2017

Hello all,

I've been working with Martin these past weeks and we came up with
improvements for the topotests testing framework. This improvements
main objectives are:

* Make topotests user-friendlier by removing boiler plate code
* Have guidelines to help users write new tests
* Document some parts of the framework

Who is this for:

* People that want to build big topologies with minimal manual labor
  and still have reproducible 'build's of it. See the py.test flag
  '--topology-only' available for new tests
* Developers that want to automate execution of specific tests for frr
* Developers that want to create topology tests for the CI System
* Developers that want to reproduce locally a CI topology that is
* Users that want to build topologies bootstrapping from already
  existing topologies

Where to start:

* Read the guidelines file: https://github.com/FRRouting/topotests/blob
* Look at already written tests: https://github.com/opensourcerouting/t
  (it is still under development, but almost ready)
* Play with the template test: https://github.com/FRRouting/topotests/b

Tip: when accessing the routers via Mininet CLI, prefer launching
equipments terminal using the command 'xterm' (e.g. 'xterm r1').
Using 'bash' or 'vtysh' directly may cause a reported problem:


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