[frr] 2 MPLS Questions

David Ahern dsa at cumulusnetworks.com
Wed Mar 15 11:26:55 EDT 2017

On 3/15/17 9:05 AM, Donald Sharp wrote:
> David/Roopa -
> Olivier asked me about these two issues yesterday in the FRR Technical
> Meeting.  I just wanted to make sure I didn't loose track of these
> questions that he had:
> 1) More than 2 labels in the kernel at a time, when will this be
> allowed in the kernel?
>    -> David is currently working on this issue.  When he is done it
> will be upstreamed.  So soonish(tm).


> 2) PenUltimate Hop Popping:
> I know this issue is not trivial to solve. In fact, once the POP
> instruction perform, the packet must re-enter in the IP packet
> processing to determine what action must apply. A possible solution
> would be to process this packet as a new incoming IP packet when
> output interface is the loopback disregarding the IP address value.
> But, this issue is less urgent than the first one. Our OSPF Segment
> Routing implementation could announce if the router works in
> PenUltimate Hop Poping mode or not. So, for the moment, the option is
> force to yes.

have not thought about this at all. Can add to the to-do list and take
care of it in time.

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