[frr] 2 MPLS Questions

David Ahern dsa at cumulusnetworks.com
Thu Mar 16 11:10:45 EDT 2017

I made the kernel patch to help you move along with your MPLS work.

In the kernel thread discussing the increase in number of labels Eric
Biederman mentions performance concerns about just increasing the size
of the array; he wanted a much more complicated change and I have not
gotten around to it.

On 3/16/17 3:31 AM, Olivier Dugeon wrote:
> Hi all,
> The problem is not between the kernel and iproute2. The problem comes
> when stacking more than 2 labels: the LSB byte of the third label is
> replaced by 0x03 value i.e. the implicit Null Label value. See attached
> thread.
> Following this, David propose a new patch that we integrated and tested
> successfully (See second and third attached mail).
> But, after that, I got no news and never seen this patch merge into the
> Linux Kernel release. So, we just ask when this patch could be merge
> into the Linux Kernel.
> For the second problem about PHP, it is also described in the first
> attached thread. But, agree, that this issue is more tricking to solve.
> Regards,
> Olivier
> Le 15/03/2017 à 16:59, David Ahern a écrit :
>> On 3/15/17 9:57 AM, Amine Kherbouche wrote:
>>>     > 1) More than 2 labels in the kernel at a time, when will this be
>>>     > allowed in the kernel?
>>>     >
>>> I don't understand why iproute2 and kernel are not sync when it comes to
>>> the max stacked labels, iproute2 should export kernel headers.
>> https://marc.info/?l=linux-netdev&m=146913202123729&w=2

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