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Olivier Dugeon olivier.dugeon at orange.com
Fri Mar 31 13:19:04 EDT 2017

Hi JR,

The web site look's pretty good. I love it. Very good job.

However, I have some remarks:

1/ each time I click on a link, it's open a new tab in my FF. I think people will get a better browsing experience if it is not open a new tab each time we click on a link for a page of FRR web server (I exclude URLs that link to other website e.g. github links),

2/ Link to manual page return standard nginx 404 not found. Having an FRR 404 not found page will be great.

3/ Not sure that it is pertinent to have 3 icons related to Email that link the same FRR mailing list archive

Then I'm pretty sure that the site will evolve. For example, I think that it will be better, for browsing experience, to have dedicated pages on the web site instead of linking the information to other web site. For example, the 'Developing for FRR' which is linked to the Community.md page on GitHub could be replicate on the FRR web site.



BTW: I don't know if you have change something, but since yesterday all your e-mails are not correctly handle by the mailing list server. Looking to the archive show that the HTML attachment was scrubbed. Under Thunderbird, it appears as an empty e-mail with an attachment that contains the real mail. That's strange. I'm alone or is there other peoples experiencing similar problem ?

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