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Quentin Young qlyoung at cumulusnetworks.com
Fri Mar 31 13:30:45 EDT 2017

Agree with Olivier, it looks great. I would just note that the images for
FRR & Linux foundation, and the multicolored light tentacles, do not scale
well and appear blurry on a high DPI display. We should probably use larger
versions (or vectors), although I vaguely recall that this was a known
issue? Disregard if so. Other than that, Unix should probably read *NIX or
whatever the popular way of stating unix ancestry is today, otherwise
nitpickers will throw a fit...

On Fri, Mar 31, 2017 at 1:19 PM, Olivier Dugeon <olivier.dugeon at orange.com>

> Hi JR,
> The web site look's pretty good. I love it. Very good job.
> However, I have some remarks:
> 1/ each time I click on a link, it's open a new tab in my FF. I think
> people will get a better browsing experience if it is not open a new tab
> each time we click on a link for a page of FRR web server (I exclude URLs
> that link to other website e.g. github links),
> 2/ Link to manual page return standard nginx 404 not found. Having an FRR
> 404 not found page will be great.
> 3/ Not sure that it is pertinent to have 3 icons related to Email that
> link the same FRR mailing list archive
> Then I'm pretty sure that the site will evolve. For example, I think that
> it will be better, for browsing experience, to have dedicated pages on the
> web site instead of linking the information to other web site. For example,
> the 'Developing for FRR' which is linked to the Community.md page on GitHub
> could be replicate on the FRR web site.
> Regards
> Olivier
> BTW: I don't know if you have change something, but since yesterday all
> your e-mails are not correctly handle by the mailing list server. Looking
> to the archive show that the HTML attachment was scrubbed. Under
> Thunderbird, it appears as an empty e-mail with an attachment that contains
> the real mail. That's strange. I'm alone or is there other peoples
> experiencing similar problem ?
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